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Vista de mi vida

Vista de mi vida

To survive one mustn’t live within their memory
But in their action and character of the present
They must never let go of the trust in their eyes
And always let love guide the way

With wonder and exhaustion
I have arrived at the vista of my consciousness
I drink in the view to quench my years of thirst

I look out into the sea and horizon
I look out to who I had been
I see the flaws and beauty of the choices I had made
The sun falls into the arms of the sky
The tangerine twilight is colored by my fears
As they slowly disappear into the night

In a moment of brevity, I look out to the past
To see the beginning
I can see how I have struggled, time and time again,
And off in the distance I see all the
Ways in which I have both loved and forgiven myself
I see how much pain I have given to myself
And say, “No more.”

Brian León is a Queer Latino poet & musician living in Los Angeles. Instagram: @brianleonmusic

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