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Snap crackle pop - 
The sound her toes make when I pull 
Alongside a squeal of giggles 
My turn 
She pulls my feet towards her 
-- I echo her laughter
As my knuckles crack
Two sisters playing with toys
In the form of feet
Icicles pressed against one another
Under clean sheets, 
fitting like 
puzzle pieces
Little piggies heading to the market
My head on his chest
My hands 
wrapped around his waist
Snap crackle pop
The sound my toes make
As he pulls fast and hard
“STOP IT” I yell
But my laughter consumes me
-- he knows me too well
He knows not to stop
Purple pink yellow
Like little candies, shining
on the way to the park
Clean cut grass slithering 
Between open crevices of feet
Snap crackle pop
Stuck inside, him and i
This time I don’t laugh
So he pulls harder
And I swerve into a curly cue 
Icicles to icicles 
He’s quiet
What's wrong - I say
I’m tired he says
Me too I say
(Let’s go for a walk)
Toe to toe
Crunching rock and dirt
Under our feet
Masks on
Looking up into the trees
Light spills through eucalyptus
Purple, pink, and yellow 
What do you miss the most I ask
I miss strangers
Dancing in a bar
I miss my friends
I miss a lot, he says
I wake up to the sound of snap crackle and pop
Hands and fingers and knuckles
Rearranging bone
Rearranging priorities

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