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An Invite at 2 AM

An Invite at 2 AM

Barefoot children prance in
An indoor ring,
Frangipani crowns upon their heads.

They know only betray,
Or Et tu, Brute?
Identity burnt
Sliced in threads.

I have known them all already,
Have known you too.
Titan of your hometown
Heroine in the mirror.

Do not deny yourself
Though you are young
As you think you are.

Search for a semblance
Of the hermaphroditic doctrine.
This is our dance.

Fingers bent.
O world do not feign
At such ceremony
We mean no insidious intent.

That is not what we meant.
It is not what we meant.

And when your fire forges
Finally we admire,
Cheek by jowl.

And when it is over
Child drop your guise,
You have done well

Forging qualifications to
Handle beaucoup baggage.
Pulling out your peignoir dress
Exaggerated like excellence.

We share our same terrible taste,
Hodge-podging together
Rhinestone masterpieces
With thimbled thumbs.

Indoctrination is ancestral,
Your ick heart sabotaged
How it was purple and sick.
Cry not to me — Ich liebe dich!

Cut your teeth
On who you, in your eyes,
once were.

Our boy is pretty like a girl.
Our boy smells like a girl.

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